Welcome to my blog. This version you’ll receive is Micaela 2.0. She’s in a different head space now which will reflect within her writing. She is yet still a visionary, a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. She is a lover of books, cute journals and the ocean . Bubbly, creative introvert with a hint of extrovert with a splash of ratchet—but all things bougie. Lover of music food and whiskey! She’s a woman who’s bold and outspoken, to know her is to love her.

This blog was created by faith. Micaela was afraid to do a blog, fear of being rejected, fear that people would not be receptive of what she would post. Fear of being judged. Fear of being too transparent. This blog is to help heal, deliver, inspire and encourage people like her.  Someone once said, “FREE PEOPLE, FREE PEOPLE!& Feel Fear But Do It Anyway!” And dammit that’s what she’s going to do!

This blog is to not only free herself, but free others through her unique writing and give fear a run for its money!

People who know Micaela will see another side of her that she is now comfortable sharing. This blog is basically her open book diary, her heart and thoughts on a blog site for the world to read. She talks about daily life, being a single, being transparent about her mental health journey and her healing journey along with the spiritual awakening that is currently taking place. She also shares some of her most random moments. Sit back and enjoy MicaelaLivingInGrace, you won’t be disappointed!


Micaela L. Golden