All Black Men Aren’t Thugs

Black men aren’t thugs

Black men aren’t thugs

Black men are by far the smoothest brothers walking on this planet

Some of the dopest, more intelligent men I know share my complex complexion. Black men are creatives, lovers, caregivers and takers. Black men are providers, humble and sometimes they are; our very home.

Unfortunately though, black men have become the internal carriers of peoples assumptions, sadistic views and the tail end of most punchlines.

They’re the men that hold the door for you just long enough to catch a smile, because their mothers raised them right, yet with the lingering knowledge that you more than likely think hes a thug.

They’re the men that help you bag up your groceries, and hesitate to offer to bring them to your car right away, because your eyes say it all- you assume hes a thug. All Black men aren’t thugs! yet society works harder then hell to amplify the characteristics of the ones who are.

Because let’s be honest, some black men are thugs. Some men live for nothing else but the fast life and cheap thrills. Does that mean these men should be ostracized from communities? Do thugs deserve less love than the average joe? I dont think so, in fact they may need to be shown a little more love in their lives to help them cope with the lack thereof. Black men possess so much power simply by existing, & that type of strength can be exhausting for some men,so choosing the lifestyle of a thug may be their “easy way out”. Regardless of what role a black man chooses to live his life as, our boys need all the love and support they can get. Because our little black boys eventually grow into men . So let this post serve as a reminder to spread love to the black men in your life, and also remember; thugs need love too.😉

**This piece was written by a friend, Barbara Lee**

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