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“But you were the only safe haven that I’ve known.” -Freya Ridings

Webster definition: Safe haven- a place of refuge or security. An asylum, refuge, sanctuary, security, shelter. Safe- protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost.

I feel safe here, with you.

Never knew what feeling safe was like until I met you. You’ve become my safe haven–my asylum. I can express myself to you without feeling ashamed, without being criticized for how I’m feeling.

You’re my personal sanctuary. You give me space and freedom to be me, and it feels amazing. I can trust you. You provide a certain freedom, clarity and peace to every area of my life. You add light and love to areas of my life that were abandoned and dark before.

I am safe with you.

You provide a security that I’ve never felt. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. I know my heart is safe with you. I would be lost without you.

You’re my refuge. I can be vulnerable with you. I can be weak around you, yet somehow you still see me as strong. When I wanna escape my thoughts, I run to you. I know that my thoughts are safe with you—even the ones that frighten me. My thoughts are protected with you.

You’re my security, my asylum, my refuge, my sanctuary, my sanity and my protection.

Thank you for you being my safe place.

My safe haven….

“But you were the only safe haven that I’ve known.” -Freya Ridings

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