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I don’t remember exactly when me and Bobby met, all I know is that we met and he never left. 

Bobby came in very subtle. He was very smooth and conniving. Yet, comforting in a way. Bobby became my safe place. See Bobby and I have a love hate relationship. Me and Bobby are inseparable. Some days I can tolerate the emotional ups and downs —other days I hate him! I hate the fact that he has so much control over every aspect of my life. I mean  EVERY relationship, every thought, every feeling. Being connected to Bobby is exhausting and it’s very much so toxic. But I can’t seem to shake him. 

No matter how many times I tell him, “Bobby beat it! Let me love somebody else in peace without you showing up, geesh!” It seems to fall on deaf ears. It’s like the more I try to avoid him the harder he comes. 

As exhausting as it is trying to maintain friendships, relationships and situationships, Bobby butts in at the most inopportune time. When he shows up, baybay let’s just say everything goes left in a matter of seconds. See Bobby knows no boundaries. He invades my space without permission. Picture this, after a hurricane or tornado leaves it leaves behind a complete mess! Bobby is my tornado. He comes and wrecks everything and then leaves as if nothing happened. Then you have me, who’s left to clean up the mess he created. He has no idea the heartache, turmoil and sleepless nights he’s caused me. Damn you Bobby, I hate you. I wish you would just go away and never return…

My wish may have just come true. It’s been a while since Bobby’s last touchdown. Everything has been calm for a minute and that scares me. However I savor the moment because I know it won’t be long before Bobby returns….

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