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I Do

My letter to the universe…

Yebba’s heartbreak”….it’s like the universe is singing directly to me . “You may not know right where you’re going, but I DO!” That statement is so affirming when those moments arise where I don’t know where I’m going anymore or what I’m doing. “And all of the times you were not chosen, well I’ll make it up to you.” Whew! Let me pause there. It’s like the universe is saying I see you, I hear you and now I’m going to step in. I’m going to help you. I’m going to fill that space . I am here. “Can I show my love for you?” It’s like the universe is asking for my permission to show me a love that I’ve never seen or felt. Almost like asking for my hand in marriage. Showing me that I’m chosen by you and for you. I decided to accept this invitation to love.

As I’m writing this and becoming aware of how this song resonates with me so deeply, of course I am weeping. Because my heart holds the most unshed tears. I’ve never really felt seen, heard, or even loved the way I desire to be. But you’re basically telling me that you see me, you hear me and that you CHOOSE ME and that feels good to know. An indescribable feeling.

So I thank you. Thank you for this moment. Making me aware that this feeling is obtainable and one day it’ll manifest into the perfect being designed just for me. In return, I’ll be more present, self aware, conscious, vulnerable and honest. Exposing the most authentic and softest version of myself . Giving you pieces of me I’m not afraid of. Thank you again for your patience, grace and kindness. It’s unmatched.

I am open to love—giving and RECEIVING ! Thank you

P.S. i love you 💜

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