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Marleigh’s Truth

Sex has always been a thing for Marleigh. Just not sober sex though. See she’s always been intoxicated in some form. Whether it’s her drink of choice which is anything brown or being blazed—sometimes even both. The worst of them all was with the actual infatuation of whomever it was that she was heavily invested in. Sometimes she was too infatuated to see that she was worth more than a hotel room and some brown liquor to calm her nerves and get through the moment. Marleigh enjoyed sex. It was the rush she got from sex and being in control on top of being intoxicated put her on an indescribable high. However, once she’s sobered up, that’s when all hell breaks loose. She begins to feel. One of the few things she wanted to avoid.

See, Marleigh doesn’t deal well with expressing how she feels. Shit, let alone being vulnerable AND intimate. It’s a no for sis. She knows that some of this stems from years of rejection and the daddy issues and certain situations that changed and traumatized her for life.

Bottom line, Marleigh knew what power she possessed, and she used it to her advantage. It’s funny how when leaving a situation and heading to the next situation made the song “Bodies,” by Jazmine Sullivan a key anthem for her for a certain period. Lmao, the most relevant line,

“B***h, get it together b***h

You don’t know who you went home with

(You went) home with again

Was he a friend?

Or a friend of a friend? (Was he a?)

Was he a four, or was he a ten? (I know)”

Some nights could be a total blur, while other nights she’s super sober. However, listen Marleigh’s “roster,” was very interesting. Everyone served their purpose and knew their role. Marleigh was no stranger to “juggling” a few while keeping her options open. She enjoyed the freedom of doing what she pleased, talking to whoever she wanted to, and ghosting those who got too attached too quickly. Marleigh being a free-spirited person is an understatement, to say the least. However, we all know that—that can come with a downside according to people. Nevertheless, Marleigh kept pushing and never gave a fuck on how anybody felt about her love life or lack thereof, lol.

For the first time in forever, she gets to decide who stays in her space, what role she wants to play, who gets access to her, etc. After a few failed relationships and situationships, she understood one thing and that is she gets to DECIDE! She’ll never allow anybody to choose for her again.

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