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To You

I didn’t know what peace felt like until I met you. I didn’t know the perfect love song existed until I met you. I didn’t know what it felt like to feel a sense of wholeness and to feel complete until you made your grand entrance into my chaotic love life.

When I laid eyes on you, my world stopped. Everything froze. A complete standstill. I remember I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. A rush came over me. My body felt warm. I caught myself smiling and wondering what life would be like with him. Yet alone the things I wanted him to do to me and with me.

I created a whole scenario in a matter of minutes of what life with my soulmate would be like. So I gave myself a pep talk. I slid in his DM real quick. Shot my shot as the kids say and he caught it real quick. Now see I was a confident woman before him however I stepped into a new boldness with him. I spoke with authority and clarity. The funny thing is he wasn’t intimidated at all. He met my energy. I was puzzled, to say the least.

We began to get to know each other and I realized that this is what I wanted. He was what I wanted. He was the answer to my prayers. I had no idea that our situation would turn out the way it did. I’m now grateful that it did.

To YOU—you’re my soulmate, my answer, my rock, my diary, my dream — everything that I could imagine and more. The only problem is—you’re occupied living a life in public that we once spoke about in private, with someone….

P.S. i love you 💜

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