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I Miss You

“Words don’t ever seem to come out right

But I still mean them, why is that?

It hurts my pride to tell you how I feel

But I still need to, why is that?

I miss you, like every day

Wanna be with you, but you’re away

I said I miss you, missing you insane

But if I got with you, could it feel the same”

I Miss You X Beyoncé

With my tongue mute, and heart open the words won’t come out. Saying I miss you is an understatement. It’s driving me insane internally. Wishing you were a mind reader would be much easier. Some would say that’s the easy way out. However, I desire ease right now. Simplicity at its best. It shouldn’t be this hard for me—as an outspoken being. This is another side of vulnerability that I shy away from.

It’s your smile that I see when I close my eyes. Your presence I feel when I’m laying face to the sun. Your energy I sense when I’m sitting beside the lake looking at the still waters. The way you look at me from across the room with deep passion in your eyes sends shivers down my spine. Your scent is the equivalent of my grandma baking her famous sweet potato pie. A distinct scent, and an unforgettable one. The way you walk with so much authority and confidence is so damn sexy. The way you carry yourself. When you touch me so gently, it’s like a euphoric feeling one that I long for and crave when you’re away.

If only I could tell you. Tell you what you mean to me and how I feel. I’ll let Beyoncé sing the exact sentiments of my heart posture in this current moment. “It hurts my pride to tell you how I feel!” And that sucks. Badly. I miss you and I don’t know how to deal with these emotions besides writing them out hoping the universe would be so kind to deliver the thoughts and feelings that my pride won’t let me say. So I take my pen and write in my journal things I wish I could say hoping you’ll hear them.

Bottom line, I miss you…

P.S. i love you 💜

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