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“He ends up caring for a woman that he can’t be with even though he might be best suited for her. Imagine only being able to experience someone on FaceTime while you watch them interact with other people in person…” -Jermaine Glass Imagine waking up every morning next to someone who’s not me. Imagine watching… Continue reading FaceTime

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Sunday Love

Listening to Etta James, sing about a kind of love that I believe all women at some point in their life want to experience. I can speak for myself. I realized I’m low key a hopeless romantic. Desiring a love she speaks about. Whew, chile! It’s funny she equates this type of feeling to Sunday.… Continue reading Sunday Love

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Boo’d Up!

“Daddy when am I gonna get a boo? You know like a bae! Someone I can say “oh that's me right there, that’s bae!” #transparentmoment it literally hit me hard and got me “in my feelings,” when R&B artist Ella Mai dropped a single called Boo’d Up. She sings about being in love and being… Continue reading Boo’d Up!