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Broke Bih

Broke Bih! “You ain’t making no money here at the bank Meme!” These words stung like hell. Because I thought the position I’m in, I was doing well for myself. I was offended, to say the least when these words came from the lips of a man who uttered this to me. However those who… Continue reading Broke Bih

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re·set/rēˈset/verb set again or change the reading often to zeroTo adjust, or fix in a different way. Starting over, in every area of my life, again! I don’t care how many times you have to “reset!” Do it‼️Be back ✌🏾 ☺️😉 P.S. i love you 💜#Reset #StartingOverAgain #HealingJourney #iWrite #iBlog #BlackBlogger #BlackGirlMagic #MLG